Fiesta Disco Birthday Party

This Disco Birthday Party extravaganza offered an exciting way to celebrate another year of fun. With a multitude of neon colors, every detail shouted for attention.

Sandra Salas of Dimequesi went all out on this party really promoting energy and love through each decoration and snack provided.


A bold table setup was created with such a spread of neon disco fun that the guests were sure to enjoy every bit. An abundance of silly string in aerosol cans was set up as a fantastic centerpiece on the table, acting as a preview to the activities that would be going on during the party. Each item was layered to make it easy to grab, so everyone could take what they needed.

Adorable disco balls were made from a variety of neon colors that had little record clip art and cute little tassels on the ends that gave them an extra bit of fun. Hung above the table, they added just the right amount of energetic atmosphere to the room.

The assortment of snacks and entertainment spread on the table left something for everyone to enjoy. There were tasty candy necklaces that had little neon ribbons on top.

Custom gifts were made for each guest to take home at the end of the celebration.  CD with music from the party were also given, offering a unique way to remember the fun day.

Giant lolli-pop shape gum was set in an adorable holder and decorated with pictures of records as well, emphasizing the theme spectacularly. There were even delicious looking cookies decorated as records in fantastic detail, set on a lovely white tray for the visitors to munch.

With the spread of vibrant colors on the table, it made sense to have a white base, creating a soft palette for every bit of decoration and treat to stand out boldly.

Credits – Sandra Salas of Dimequesi

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