Ethereal Birthday Celebration

With an array of natural looking elements, Dream flavours Celebrations created an Ethereal Birthday party that could make any kid’s imagination shine.

This party was decorated from top to bottom, ensuring an experience that would impress any guest who was able to attend. The venue was cozy and full of natural lighting that made the area look lighthearted and fun.

Ethereal Birthday Celebration decoration

A fantastic arrangement of vines were hung from the ceiling, filling the room with life and greenery that even had a ladybug decoration for effect.

As a unique way to display the food, the buffet table was set up to the side of the room and named the, “Sweet Corner.” It was filled to the brim with tasty delights that were sure to keep the kids coming back for more. With a bold blend of colors, the table stood out dramatically. The backdrop was a wonder with a DIY tree decoration that certainly drew in attention.

Another corner was set up with adorable balloons, including an arrangement of balloon animals like rabbits, to keep the kids thoroughly entertained.

The tables were set-up family style for eating and for an innovative option, adorable mushroom stools were used to sit on. They added to the ethereal quality of the room while providing a vibrant touch of color and lifelike decor.

This party also featured a fantastic stage area for a show. With a backdrop brilliantly decorated with all sorts of details and colors, this stage was one to remember forever. A cascade of trees with an owl were placed in the center of the background, creating a foresty look. There was even a wonderful bridge across the front. Seating was available for the kids to enjoy the show from, each chair covered in a colorful fabric that added to the ambiance of the room.

Credits – Dream flavours Celebrations

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