Dinosaur Wonderland Party


Going prehistoric, Impressions put together this Dinosaur Wonderland Party! From ceiling to floor, this venue was a dinosaur lover’s dream come true with bright colors and exciting decor.  

The dessert table was perfection with a painted backdrop of volcanoes and other natural details. Each side had a tree that added depth to the look and overhead greenery was draped to give a jurassic vibe.  On the ground a dinosaur carpet was used to bring the theme to life. A fantastic vintage, wooden table was used to hold the tasty treats. As a filler, a wonderful arrangement of greenery with little red and yellow leaves was set as a front centerpiece to the table.  Throughout the area adorable dinosaur decorations were spread included a fun, cracked egg with a little guy inside. A tree stump hed the number 9 and a bright green dinosaur friend.

The snacks made were all designed to blend with the theme in a cute way. Sugar cookies frosted with dinosaurs were sure to have the kids enjoying the party.  Cupcakes frosted in delicious chocolate had adorable dinosaur labels. A favorite treat created was cake baubles that were shaped like eggs and marbled with bright colors, making them dinosaur looking.  The cake was a layered wonder in prehistoric detailing that stood out beautifully.

To make the party area unique, stumps were arranged to hold other food items like mini-sandwiches, which were painted to match the room perfectly.  Set against a green backdrop, they made a lovely addition to the party.  The backdrop even had a massive white dinosaur skeleton that spelled out, “Happy Birthday.”

The little guest tables were very sweet with dinosaur table covers and place settings that went along with this cute theme.  There were even little orange dinosaurs to add to the decor. 

Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Birthday-Banner Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cake Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cakepop Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cake-Treats Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Ceiling-Decor Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cookies Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cupcakes Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Cupcakes-Cookies Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Dessert-Table Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Egg Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Food-Logs Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Guest-Table Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Number-Nine Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Sugar-Cookies Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Toy-Decor Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Treat-Table Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Volcano-Treat Dinosaur-Wonderland-Party-Yellow-Decoration

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