Dinosaur Jungle Birthday Party

Celebrating a 2nd birthday party is a fun and cheerful occasion, and event stylist Miss Deliciouza put on a momentous one for little Tarjan with a fantastical theme of Dino/Jungle. No details were spared in this party fit for a little dinosaur fan and the venue truly looked as though you stepped into prehistoric times. Decorations were bright and creative, with splashes of oranges and greens, and accessories of dinosaurs, fossils, and monkeys. Even plants with thick leaves that you’d find in the jungle were placed around as awesome accents. Food tables were draped in safari-khaki colored tablecloths and the food was a feast for not only the tummy, but also for the eye.

Dinosaur Jungle Birthday Party food table

The cake was round, one-tiered, and covered in incredible sugar fondant detail. Images of trees were molded around the base of the cake, while replicas of monkeys, and dinosaurs were molded on the top, sides, and all around it. A back drop and a framed sign were behind and in front of the amazing cake with the birthday boy’s name in big, wooden block letters. Huge glass apothecary jars were filled with chocolates and candies, while cocoa cake pops with green leaf bows were aplenty on shiny black serving platters. Orange and green frosted cupcakes sat on round wood pieces of tree and humongous candy bars wrapped in personalized dino party themed paper made for perfect favors. The presentation of these favors made them even more memorable, as the candy bars were placed on black plates with rock pebbles surrounding them for ultimate jungle effect. Clear plastic cups full of a gelatin dessert were labeled “Jelly Shots” and there were even plastic dinosaur eggs split open and spilling out more delicious candies.

This party was full of innovative ideas that transformed an otherwise routine birthday party into something unforgettable. With great attention to details, this event virtually came to life as a world filled with prehistoric fantasy and fun.

Credits –

Styling by Miss Deliciouza- Candy Buffet Artist
Printable by Invites – ONLY .99 Cents Each
Cake pops by B-licious
Cake and cupcakes by Sugar Mumma
Chocolate bars by Miss Deliciouza

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