Classic Red & White Circus Themed Birthday Party

This Classic Red & White Stripe Circus themed birthday party was created by Quintal de Contos. She took the idea of a magical adventure in a tent and brought it to a new level of excitement.


Made for a whole squad of adorable kids to enjoy, the guest tables were pint-sized little wonders put together in perfection. They were set up family style in long rectangles and covered a wonderful polka-dot, yellow cover. Each chair was a little white wooden wonder, decorated with an adorable tulle skirt and red ribbon, ensuring that the guests would love them. Each place setting was a personalized bit of fun with little tea cup on plates and adorable birthday party hats to wear. The tables were arrayed with bright flower arrangements and wonderful framed art.

The buffet was a bountiful display of color and taste that was certain to have the little ones enamored. Used a brilliant backdrop of red and white strips with gorgeous red and gold cloths to accent, it looked like what you would see stepping into a Circus adventure. Fantastic flag banners were displayed in a unique manner, instead of hanging across the wall, they were draped out over the table, adding an effect that could astound.

No Circus Party is complete without a huge display of balloons and this one had a neat grouping of them right by a huge sign announcing the celebration. There were even a smaller balloon inside a larger balloon, definitely a unique one. This table was set up wonderfully, with a smaller table in front so there were different layers to spread the treats and decor out on.

Each treat was a colorful wonder, personalized with lovely circus art to emphasize the theme spectacularly.  And the cake stole the show with three layers of magical fun. Set on not only a tall white tray, but also a wonderfully striped box, the cake was nothing short of marvelous. Stars, colors and a tent like appeal covered the bottom two layers and it was topped with a layer decorated to look like a rabbit in a hat for the perfect finishing touch. 

Credits – Quintal de Contos

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