Circus Party

A delightful splash of color and fun really brought this Circus Party to life. Designed by the fantastic Lima Limao, this gathering was sure to be a success.

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Taking advantage of the stark white walls, a base was created for the vibrant colors to stand out everywhere in the room. The snack display table was a prime example of artistry with details that any kid could love. It was covered with a white cloth, blending with the room remarkably. A string of adorable figures were draped across the front of the table, giving that circus-like appeal in a unique way. On top of the table a wonderful tent was actually created to make a mini-circus over some delicious little treats. With red and white striped curtains, this tent was definitely a fine feature of this event.

Inside the cute tent a personalized sign was displayed with a blast of patterns and colorful fun that really made it a focal point of the table. Each treat created for the party was placed in a circus-party container really blending the theme wonderfully throughout. A miniature jelly belly machine was used to decorate the table as well, giving a bit of a classic feature. Little circus tents were placed on top of yummy little cupcakes, making each snack an adventure!

A banner with the birthday boy’s name in the center was set up with sticks placed in white holders. With a little addition of colorful fabric swatches, this banner was a winner.

The cake was placed as a centerpiece for the table and set on a tall tray allowing it to stand out effectively. With two layers of brightly detailed fun, this cake looked phenomenal. As a topper a little boy and candle were displayed, making a cute final touch on this tasty treat.

Credits – Lima Limao

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