Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Party


This Calvin and Hobbes Birthday Party brought together a favorite from the world of comics and an array of fun treats to create an exciting celebration for a special kid. The Perfect Linen Touch used a lot of adorable DIY ideas to give the venue a unique and enjoyable look.

The treats were set up in a modern fashion with a large table and a bench in front of it to give a layered look and small tables on each side as well. This arrangement gave a vintage look while providing a lot of space to spread all of the treats out.

A fantastic backdrop of greenery was used to set the scene and all sorts of adorable Calvin and Hobbes art was framed and hung on the backdrop, ensuring that the theme was easy to identify.

A favorite treat made for the party were waffle balls, which went into tasty waffle cones that had a special rack for easy display and access. Beside those fun snacks massive chocolate dipped marshmallows stood on tall sticks. Cake pops were frosted in yellow with chocolate stripes for a cute, Calvin and Hobbes look. They were put into galosh vases, giving a fantastic option for holding. Each of the snacks was adorably advertised on mini chalkboards with Calvin and Hobbes handwriting.

Pringles were offered in canisters with comics, gummy worms made an appearance standing up in square holders and there were even cheetos and cupcakes to enjoy.

The cake was layers of sweetness in white and chocolate frosting, making it a delicious centerpiece on the tables. Numbers stood tall in the cake, displaying the special birthday boy’s age.  A pail with a little green plant stood in front of the cake, adding a natural touch to the decor.

Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Comic-Art Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Framed-Art Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Gummy-Worms Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Pot-Snack-Holders Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Pringle-Cans Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Pudding Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table Calvin-And-Hobbes-Birthday-Party-Yellow-Boots

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The Perfect Linen Touch

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