Boys Outdoor Camping Birthday Party

Fun Boys Camping Birthday Party Tablescape

Any fan of the outdoors could appreciate this fantastic Camping Birthday Party that was the work of the wonderful Elizabeth of Lemonberry Moon Inc.  Her attention to detail really helped to bring this event to life.


For the venue area, the woods made the perfect spot for an adventurous celebration for a 7-year old boy. Using the outdoors for the setting all kinds of natural elements were included for free, like the trees and all sorts of sunlight!

Fantastic handmade wooden signs were made to add to the camping effect that said “Please don’t feed the bears” and “Camp Michael”, and more. This DIY craft was simple and really added to the rustic charm of the event.

The snack table was an array of all sorts of camping goodies including pudding dirt cups, gummy worms and frogs that were called “Fish bait”, s’more cupcakes, lots of cookies, and many other delicious options.

A “Take a hike trail mix bar” was set up for all of the kids to make their own mixtures to take home. This made a wonderful personalized option, ensuring that each guest would take home something yummy to eat later!

All kinds of fun activities were put together for the guests to participate in, one was an area set-up with wooden disc name tags that each child could decorate with twine and glow-in-the-dark beads. They even got to participate in a fantastic scavenger hunt, something that every camping event should include!

For a neat way to eat their meal, lunch was actually served to the guests in bandannas on sticks, the food was a ham sandwich, apple and canteen of water.

To finish up the fun a s’more station was set-up so the adults could help the children make marshmallow treats to remember!

Credits –

Party Planning and Photography: Lemonberry Moon Inc.

Party labels: Forever Your Prints

Cookies: Katie’s Creative Baking

boys-camping-birthday-party-activity boys-camping-birthday-party-cupcake-toppers boys-camping-birthday-party-dont-feed-the-bears boys-camping-birthday-party-ideas-food-table boys-camping-birthday-party-ideas-water-label-lake-water boys-camping-birthday-party-scavenger-hunt boys-camping-themed-party-treats boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-buntings Outdoor Camping Birthday Party bandana on stick boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-label-fish-bait boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-label-fish-bait-campfire-flames-cool-labels-for-camp-party boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-label-fish-bait-dirt-cups boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-label-fish-bait-fruit-leather boys-camping-themed-party-treats-snacks-label-fish-bait-fruit-leather-cookies


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