Beach Birthday Party

Whether or not the sun is shining outside, a beach party can bring the love of summer anytime of the year!  This Beach Party is a perfect example of creativity that was beautifully designed by A Casa da Experiementacao de Ideias.

The room used was brilliantly arranged to bring out the best of the summer decor that was used.  With a bold blast of bright colors, this room was very eye catching.  The snack area was set up in a unique fashion, ensuring that it would draw guests in easily.

beach party ideas

A backdrop was created with a fantastic wavy pattern in varying shades of blue, giving a beach effect that introduced the theme nicely.  Large inflatable tubes were hung across the backdrop in bright yellow, with the birthday boy’s name spelled out in the center of each, making an innovative bit of decor.

In front of the backdrop rather than the conventional single buffet table, two rectangular tables in bright blue and yellow tones were set together to give a fuller effect.  Even the floor was decorated in lovely wooden mats that gave a sandy look.  

In front of the table a cute little flag banner was hung with adorable clip art pictures of beach favorites like sandals and a beach ball.  The tables were filled with delightful bits of decor including pails of sunflowers , and framed art that gave a personalized look.

A yummy two layer beach cake made a wonderful centerpiece to the snack table with a sun as a topper.  

Some other inspiring additions to this sunny theme included a stand of beach bags for all the guests to use, in bold prints that everyone could enjoy.  A wagon of goodies stood in front of the snack table with a sweet little sign saying, “Love” in front of it.  There was even a large bouquet of fun octopus’ in a rainbow of colors to the side of the tables.

Credits – Planning: A Casa da Experiementacao de Ideias

Cake: MelCupcakes

Treats: O Mundo dos CupCakes

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