Ariana in Onederland First Birthday Party

Bringing an adorable twist to a sweet classic, Party Pieces by Perry helped to create this fantastic Ariana in Onederland First Birthday Party. From top to bottom, the venue for this gathering was a blend of imagination and creativity that anyone could fall in love with.  

Giving a bigger is better arrangement to the dessert table, instead of one, two were used to display that range of treats and decor.  As a backdrop a mix of giant flowers was hung in varying tones to bring color and fun to the look.  

ariana-in-alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party-cake tea cups

As with any good Alice in Wonderland themed party, the table had a fun lineup of unique chairs that added to the vintage feel of the event adding a dramatic touch to the treat tables.

The tables used were classic wooden styled which blended with the theme perfectly. Cute touches added included teaware like a teapot with cute little flowers filling it, a vintage clock, vintage phone and even an Alice doll, all of which ensured that the visitors would know the theme.

Treats made for this part were absolutely wonderful.  Little cupcakes frosted in white with little pearls on top looked quite yummy. Cookies on a wonderful white tray called out. There were even sugar cookies frosted with cute messages like “eat me” on them.

Two cakes stole the show with perfection, the biggest was front and center, placed on a wonderful stump looking cake tray. Each was detailed to look like they had a lock on it and made a stunning addition to the party.

Other fun bits added to the decor at this party included a backdrop that looked like a shrub that set the stage for all sorts of Alice characters like the mad hatter who was sitting on a toadstool.

ariana-in-alice-in-wonderland-first-birthday-party backdrop

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Styling, Event Design, Wood-cut-out, Paper Flowers

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Assist in Styling; Vintage and Rustic Furniture and Decor Rentals

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Cake and Desserts

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Alice in Wonderland Prop Rentals

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