American Doll Garden Birthday Party


For a little one who adores WellieWishers from American Girl, this American Doll Garden Birthday Party by Partyography was a stunning way to celebrate their own special moment in time. With help from the fabulous Nikki from Tikkido, the treats from this celebration were one-of-a-kind.

Partyography had a huge hand in creating this event from planning to design and even capturing these precious photos! All the DIY projects displayed at this party gave it a unique and exciting look that any little kid could love.

Even though the celebration was held indoors, that didn’t stop it from being a delightful Garden Party. With cute little crates painted in vibrant colors and arrangements of adorable flowers and greenery, the outdoors made their way inside at this sunny venue!

A special table was set up to hold the goodies, and covered in a light pink color.  On each end a two tiered cupcake stand held the tasty treats, making it simple to see the delicious snacks. Cupcakes frosted in pink and white were on one end and the other held perfectly decorated sugar cookies that matched the theme stylishly.

To make this party stand out from the rest, a fantastic personalized bit of art was created talking about Charlies Party Rules, ensuring that the kids would all enjoy a bit of extra fun.  The front of the table was decked out in pots of pretend sunflowers on a stump, giving a sweet outdoorsy effect.

Crates were arranged in the back in a row so the birthday girl’s name could be displayed prominently as a centerpieces in large golden letters.  There was even a fantastic picket style sign at the very back pointing out all the goodies at the party.  Galoshes in one of the crates and a watering can made excellent finishing touches to the table at this event.


American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Birdhouse American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Bird-Station American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cookies American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Galoshes American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Mud-Pie-Station American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Rules American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Sugar-Cookies American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Sunflower American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Gift American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Tic-Tac-Toe American-Doll-Garden-Birthday-Party-Word-Art

Credits –

WellieWishers-inspired cookies – Nikki from Tikkido

Party planning/design/photography – Partyography

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