Adult Birthday Game & Activity Ideas

Adult Birthday Party Game And Activity Ideas

Adult birthday parties can be one of the most fun events we attend. Unlike younger-geared birthday parties, when it’s an all-adult affair, there can definitely be more room for options of activities, themes, and even the length of the party.

Ice Breaker Activities

As with any other age group, it’s always a good idea to start the event off with an icebreaker-type activity to help your guests relax and begin to mingle. Some great options for icebreaker games are Ask Me, Trust Walk, and The Best. Ask Me is a game that consists of you giving your guests nametags as they arrive that say “Ask Me About…”. Each nametag is different and can say a variety of things, such as “…my first kiss” or “…the craziest thing I’ve ever seen”. Guests will ask other guests the questions that are on his or her nametag and this allows your guests to get to know each other right off the bat! Trust Walk involves two guests randomly placed together, with one being blindfolded and the other giving verbal directions to lead them to a chose object or out of the room. The Best is a particularly fun icebreaker activity in which you put a collection of slips of paper with things written on them like “Longest Thumbs” “Best Crabwalk” and “Highest Jump”. Draw the slips of paper out of a container at random and each guests performs what is on the slip of paper to determine who does it best!

No matter what your chosen theme, there are tons of options for indoor and outdoor activities for an adult birthday party that are wonderfully versatile for all guest personalities across the board. Keep in mind, for most adult birthday parties, you will want to stick to 1-2 activities (not including the icebreaker game you choose) after your guests have filled up on food. A series of activities that are super popular currently and work for either indoor or outdoor parties, are the “Minute to Win It” themed games. For less than 15$, you can buy a pre-packed “Minute to Win It” kit full of activities for your guests, or you can create a kit yourself. There are plenty of items you can find at local sports store, $1 store, local craft shops and Amazon as well. Check out the youtube video below to get creative ideas on what to put in a DIY “Minute to Win It” kit for your adult birthday party!  They are a little long but you can fast forward and only view the games you are interested in. There are 40 minute to win it games in this video –

You can go to and search for Minute to Win it BluePrint to get instructions how to play each fun games.

Minute to Win It by TTCdirecktor via Youtube 

 Now, let’s take our adult birthday party outside first. When outdoors, no matter if it’s cold or warm temperatures, there are several activities that your guests will enjoy at your adult birthday party. The classic and timeless activity of roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories around a fire is always a sure win to show your guests a good time. Another classic outdoor game is Cornhole, in which bean-filled sacks are thrown into holes drilled into a long board from a certain distance. If you are looking for low-cost options activities, a Women vs. Men Scavenger Hunt is an exciting and competitive way to entertain your guests. Scavenger hunts involve two or more teams, each with a list of tasks the team members need to accomplish during a set time.  Other games that are highly engaging and full of laughter are hula hoop contests, limbo, and ladder golf.

Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Game for a mall / department store / shopping centers

Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Game for a mall / department store / shopping center

Indoor games can be just as interactive and full of energy, and one of the most popular activities is a Murder Mystery. What’s really great about this activity is that you can be as subtle or elaborate as you want and there are so many directions you can take this activity for your guests. You can even center your adult birthday party’s theme around this Murder Mystery game! The basic idea of the Murder Mystery is exactly how it sounds—involve your guests in figuring out who is guilty of this fictional crime! You can incorporate other smaller games within the Murder Mystery activity, such as cards, scavenger hunts, or even charades.Murder Mystery

For a more low-key indoor activity, charades is always a good go-to adult party game. Zoom-In is also another hilarious game in which extremely zoomed-in snapshot photos are shown to your guests and they have to guess what the photo actually is. Identity Crisis is another extremely fun game in which you put a celebrity’s name on a piece of paper and tape it to the guest’s forehead/hat/headband so that he or she cannot see the name. Then, the guest asks the other guests questions to try and figure out just whose name is on the paper, like “Am I a singer”, “Am I married”, or “Do I have long hair?” You also can’t go wrong, of course, with classic games such as Twister or Jenga!

With the right games and activities, your adult birthday party will be one to certainly remember for a long time to come.

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