Paris Winter Birthday

This gorgeous Paris Winter Birthday created by Just Call me Martha, took the lovely idea of Paris and made it a unique gathering.  Using red, white and blue, the theme took off with bold colors that helped make a sleek and sophisticated style that was definitely impressive.

The silverware was personalized with fantastic hand-crafted red flowers that had tags saying “Bon appetite.” Coffee mugs were set up with red macaroons and adorable sticks with marshmallows and mustaches, emphasizing the theme with a fun twist.

Paris Winter Birthday ideas

The guest tables had a simple and elegant set-up that allowed each individual decoration to stand out remarkably.  A red, white and blue runner was centered down the table with beautiful flower arrangements and a mini Eiffel Tower.  Even the plates matched the wintery Paris vibe with red circles that were fun.  With a mix of red and white chairs, these tables were excellently set-up to blend with the theme nicely.

The dessert table was the real show-stopper with an array of details that were the definition of perfection. From the Eiffel Tower in the backdrop along the wall, to the banner hanging beautifully in front of it, this table set the elegant mood beautifully.

Delicious cupcakes were set up on cute stands with labels for the guests to enjoy.  There were neat little fruit and cracker snacks as well.  Cake pops and sugar cookies stood in adorable cans at the back of the table.  The cake was a vision of delight with three tiers of deliciousness waiting to be tried out.  Set on a tall tray, it stood at the center of the table perfectly, topped with a gorgeous Eiffel Tower and a little red flower for a wintery touch. Surrounded by lovely flowers on each side, this table had a little of everything for the visitors to check out and enjoy.

Credits – Just Call me Martha

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