Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Favor Ideas


Party favors for a child’s birthday party can be full of energy and lively fun, used as a thank you and an attention-keeping tool for the kiddos all in one. You can really bring out the kid in yourself as you put together exciting party favors for a little one’s birthday party!

First, let’s talk about how exactly you can provide a favor for the kids that actually serves as a party activity as well. DIY kits that include the kids creating something actually in turn becomes the kids creating their own main party favors. For instance, if you have an all-girls birthday party, you might decide on doing a bead-making activity. The end result is a bracelet or a necklace that the guests made through the activity in which you provided the materials. For an all-boys party, an airplane building kit could be an ideal favor/activity. This also becomes a memory for the child as they will take home what they created and it becomes part of their life!

If you’re doing a mixed party with boys and girls, try to give the girls slightly something different than the boys in regards to favors. This might be something like colors of your favors or the bags you’ll be putting the favors in (i.e. pink for girls and blue for boys), or it might be characters (i.e. Barbie for the girls and G.I. Joe for the boys)

There are some sure basics to follow when getting party favors together for your kid’s birthday party. Noisemakers are a must—and you want to keep them with the theme of the party. Blowouts are especially popular with children and so are kazoos. Next to the noisemakers, you’ll want to include some treats with your party favor stash. Mini-packs of M&M’s and skittles, or miniature-sized candy bars work great for this. Jelly beans are a classic too and is always popular with children with it’s fun colors. One more basic to consider in your party favor set is a little something for the parents of the child attending the birthday party. This doesn’t have to be a big something, but it’s a nice and thoughtful thank you. A sweet card with a simple, personal thank you note inside is a great idea, or maybe even a DIY coffee mug personalized with “Mom” or “Dad” on it.67472-500

There is literally a plethora of options of party favors for kids and what’s really amazing about all of these choices is that they can truly be personalized into whatever theme or motif you need for your child’s birthday party. Bubbles are a classic, yet really fun favor, along with Plato, Yo-Yos, Slinkys, and miniature travel games like Hungry Hungry Hippo or Connect 4. For the really creative itch, you can put together a set of favors like a crayon coloring jumble complete with a small pack of crayons and a coloring book. A take-along s’more set with all the makings the kids need for s’mores is also a neat and scrumptious favor. Or how about miniature chalkboards with colorful chalk? All of these items can be found at super affordable places like dollar stores, so you are not breaking the bank!

Speaking of affordable favor options, when it comes to your presentation for these gift favors, don’t spend oodles—if any—of money! What’s really great about kid birthday party favors is that unlike older ages, it’s really more about what’s easiest to open and what’s most practical to get the favors home. Brown bags with a cute name labels and a maybe a ribbon is more than enough to hold your set of kid birthday party favors. To further help yourself stay organized with the favors, a blue ribbon for boys and pink ribbon for girls on the favor bags is a good idea as well. It also helps to keep the bagging of the favors simple for when you have an off-site birthday at a venue other than your home so that nothing gets lost!

 My  Favorite Kid’s Party Favors

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