Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

Birthday Party Centerpiece Ideas

Centerpieces are the mecca of creativity when planning an amazing birthday party. While centerpieces are obviously a great way to spice up sitting and eating tables for your guests, they work for so much more! Centerpieces can be placed on any table, mantle, countertop, etc. that is a main part of any room at a birthday party. If you are figuring out centerpieces last minute, a sure solution is the Burst centerpiece. These are weights wrapped in shiny colored paper with a burst bouquet of confetti flowering out. You can find these at any dollar store and they are made to go with any theme.

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Kid’s birthday Party

For a kids birthday party, the best way to do your centerpieces is without a doubt incorporating candy. There is nothing kids love more than candy and creating centerpieces including sweet treats is extremely easy. Candy can become the main point of any centerpiece decoration, as it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles. Fill a glass vase with skittles or jelly beans and put a bouquet of flowers in the middle, and voila! You have a perfect and extremely fun birthday party centerpiece! Another way to incorporate candy into a child’s birthday party centerpiece is to cut letters from foam (say, the first letter of the birthday boy or girl’s first name) and glue candy pieces to the letter. Or, you can fill up glass jars with candy and they serve as not only centerpieces, but also as favors for the kids to grab a handful!

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Teen Birthday Party 

A teenager’s birthday party can also have candy utilized in the centerpieces, no matter what the theme of the party. Apothecary jars are a great centerpiece that you can fill with candy, noisemakers, or even party favors for your guests. A colorful weight with helium-filled balloons is a popular centerpiece idea as well, along with photo centerpieces. Photo centerpieces work especially well for milestone teen birthdays such as a sweet 16. Simply put your photos into the picture display stands using the wired clips and you instantly have a nostalgic centerpiece that also makes a great conversation starter for the guests. Don’t forget a centerpiece that doubles as serving ware, with a themed cupcake or cookie tiered stand!

Adult Birthday Party

For an adult birthday party, more fragile items can be used when making a centerpiece, as the party is typically more low-key. Think candle or candelabra-type centerpieces that not only provide décor but also ambiance for the birthday party. For themed parties, you can do just about anything with centerpieces, including using them as games! Bingo, checkers, word searches, etc. can be placed with a cup full of markers as centerpieces that your guests can grab and get competitive. Tabletop books or magazines are also ideas that the guest immediately wants to look at and admire over, which can in turn provide an icebreaker for your guests to start conversations with one another. Bouquets of flowers make a classic centerpiece, of course, and depending on your party’s theme, you can get as creative as you want! For instance, a holiday party might include mistletoe or poinsettias or figurines of snowmen on the table, while a milestone 50th birthday might contain over the hill accents as your centerpieces. Snowglobes also make really unique and beautiful options for centerpieces and again, these can go with any time of year or theme of your party.

By Feelart

By Feelart

In general, centerpieces can truly make or break the mood of your birthday party. They can take a themed party to the next level, or serve a dual purpose in so many different ways, whether it’s incorporating your favors or helping you to creatively present party food and treats. Centerpieces can spark conversation and awe within your birthday party for your guests that you never thought possible, so creating masterful centerpieces is a must for any and every party!