Closet In Paris Birthday Party


Marques brought a vision of Paris to life with this fantastic Closet In Paris Birthday Party.  A blend of vintage style patterns and bold pink, black and gold colors make a perfect introduction to this lovely and extravagant get-together.

An entire corner of the venue was dedicated to giving a closet like vibe with a vintage vanity and all sorts of fun closet style decor. A backdrop with a fantastic black and white patterned look showcased fun framed art. Additionally there were golden frames that were empty to, adding to the trendy style. A golden mannequin was adorned with beads and set on a large pink box with little gift bags for the guests to enjoy. Beside the pink box, a taller black one also held some fantastic goody boxes. There was even a fun, neon pink light behind the tables to add a soft ambiance to the room. A round table was set beside the vanity with a large Mary Kay sign in pink and it had all sorts of Paris cups with Eiffel towers on them. Shrubbery in the doorway added a fun natural touch to the look.

The buffet tables were divided up with a stand in the center to hold the delightful layered cake.  Each table had a wonderful 3-D print cover that created an upholstered look that stood out beautifully.  Large bouquets of flowers gave an elegant vibe and a simplistic backdrop was created for this section from black fabric layered under a soft pink fabric. More golden mannequins were used to decorate the tables, each strewn with beads of course.  

The treats were all exquisitely designed to match the theme, cupcakes with little Eiffel towers looked quite decadent and there were all sorts of small sweets to try out.  The trays used were absolutely stunning in gold and minute detailing.

Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Vanity Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Treats Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Snack-Tables Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Mannequin Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Lilys Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Gift-Bags Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Eiffel-Towers Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Doll Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cups Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cupcakes Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Closet-Setup Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cakepops Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Cake Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Buffet-Tables Closet-In-Paris-Birthday-Party-Buffet

Credits –



Teeny Teen Party


When it comes to celebrating, The Party Wagon sure knows a thing or two about doing it right! This Teeny Teen Party put the fun in little with a theme that any teenager could find stylish and savvy.

A favorite part of this lovely idea were the invitations which were absolutely innovative.  Using tiny invites with little tags on the ends that said, “Open me,” the invitations were placed inside an adorable ice cream cone style coin purse.

The snacking table was arranged in mini fashion with a backdrop of cute and colorful polka dots, introducing the teeny theme cutely.  White fabric was used to cover the table which allowed the vibrant party colors to really pop.  The front of the table was uniquely decked out in a banner of soft, mini cupcakes and a strand of poms that surrounded a golden birthday announcement.

All of the trays used to hold the treats blended with the theme in white, clear or pink tones. Flat trays at the front of the table held yummy cookies and caramel apples that the birthday girl specially requested. The apples even had the cutest teeny candy donuts placed right on top. Each had a swirly stick with a large ribbon attached, making it a lovely addition to the snack table.

To really make this teeny party a smashing success there were four delicious mini cakes made, all decorated in unique fashion. One of the cakes was even decked out in the latest tech trend, emojis, giving personality to the treat that the teens were sure to appreciate. With all sorts of expressions, that chocolate frosted cake was quite tasty looking.

For a bedtime treat, each guest was offered a tiny bag with little milk and cookies to enjoy. They were even designed with little letters and polka dots.

Teeny-Teen-Party-Cake Teeny-Teen-Party-Cake-Pops Teeny-Teen-Party-Cake-Pops-Ice-Cream Teeny-Teen-Party-Candies Teeny-Teen-Party-Candy-Tiny-Cake Teeny-Teen-Party-Chocolate-Cake Teeny-Teen-Party-Cupcake-Garland Teeny-Teen-Party-Fruit-Baskets Teeny-Teen-Party-Guest-Gifts Teeny-Teen-Party-Invitations Teeny-Teen-Party-Milk-And-Cookies Teeny-Teen-Party-Polka-Dot-Backdrop Teeny-Teen-Party-Snapchat-Cookies Teeny-Teen-Party-Sugar-Cookies Teeny-Teen-Party-Teeny-Bites Teeny-Teen-Party-Tiny-Cake Teeny-Teen-Party-Tiny-Donuts Teeny-Teen-Party-Tiny-Juice Teeny-Teen-Party-Tiny-Pops

Credits -

Planning – The Party Wagon

Photography- Zoomworks Photography

Invitations, signs, tags- Loralee Lewis

Cakes- My Sweet Things

Cake pops, apples, oreos- Roni’s Sugar Creations

Cupcake garland and pom pom garland- Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams

Confetti garlands- Piggy Bank Parties

Name cookies and “milk and cookie” cookies- Flourish Sweet Shop

Snapchat cookies- Blue Lily Treats

Candyfetti (under snapchat cookies) – Sweets Indeed

Mini doughnuts- Green Mountain Mini Baked

Ice cream cone coin purses- Misala

Marquee number 13 (lights up)- Bernal Burrow

Mini party hats- Chiarabelle

Yay cake topper, mini balloons, mini milk cartons, cups, napkins- Shop Sweet Lulu

Mini pom pom balls cake toppers- Hello Dollies by Lydia

Mini baskets- Michael’s Craft Stores

Edible butterflies- A Cake to Remember

Party favors- S’well Water Bottles

Mini bakeware- Plain Jane

Enchanted Forest Cinderella Party

gold and blue princess cinderella party decorations ideas with 3d visual background

This Enchanted Forest Cinderella Party was a lovely event created by Marques Freitas Decorações.  It is easy to fall in love with all of the natural decor and vibrant colors at this event.

The indoor venue was a vision, trees and greenery were used throughout to give a mystical, fairytale effect. A massive backdrop of forestry was hung behind the food buffet, setting a gorgeous scene for the guests to enjoy.

The table was decorated with a base of fantastic greenery, making it feel as though everything was a part of the forest. The cover went all the way to the ground which was also covered in green.  

All of the treats were designed to match the Cinderella theme smooth, with sweets in soft blue tones that look as delicious as they did elegant. Incorporated throughout the goodies tall golden vases held overflowing bouquets of pretty flowers. Elegant trays were used to hold all of the snacks, giving a royal vibe fit for a Princess.

At the front of the table a wonderful, large, throne-like chair was placed for the special birthday VIP. It had a golden frame with a light blue padded seat that blended perfectly with this fairytale party.

To the front of the buffet an adorable round table was set up to hold the cake.  Laced with greenery, it matched the buffet table beautifully.  As an accent piece, a candle stood beside the cake, adding a touch of soft lighting. The cake itself was fit for a Queen with layers upon layers of decadence.  Frosted in the token Cinderella blue, it drew the eye with ease. Detailing on the cake included beautiful golden embellishments like a crown and lace wraps on several layers.  Butterflies made a trail to the top, giving a lovely effect.

princess cinderella party decorations idea princess cinderella party decorations ideas 3d backdrop princess cinderella party decorations ideas cake princess cinderella party decorations ideas with 3d visual background princess cinderella party decorations ideas

Credits – Marques Freitas Decorações

Summer Beach Birthday Party

Tempo di Festa created a real splash with this Beach Birthday Party. From the adorable blend of theme colors, to the fantastic outdoor venue, this event was a celebration to enjoy top to bottom.

summer Beach Birthday Party decorations for food, shovels, buckets for serving

One advantage of a summer time birthday is being able to use the outdoors as a whole range of natural decor that has sunlight for beautiful photos. With it being hot, this Beach theme worked out perfectly too, with a bit of water play to keep everyone nice and cool. To help keep everyone relaxing with a breeze, personalized fans were even created, with fun beach artwork and tied with bows for a sweet touch.

A lovely staging area was set up for everyone to take adorable beach front photos to remember the party by. With a backdrop of palm trees, sand and water, the beach party vibe was emphasized wonderfully. In front of the backdrop, sand was spread out and pails, shovels and beachballs were used as fun props for posing with.

The dessert table was overflowing with tasty treats for the guests to eat right up. With a range of yellows and blues, this table was a vibrant display of deliciousness and color. The table was covered in yellow, offering a bright welcome for everyone who stopped for a bite. The ranges of snacks was great, from lollipops to hard candies and even yummy cupcakes set on a tall tiered tray.  The dishes were a cute arrangement of colors and styles, offering a unique look while maintaining an ease of access for little hands.

The cake was a beach themed delight with three tower layers of fun in the sun that looked very good. It was topped with an adorable umbrella and pail, along with an abundance of other beachy details that the birthday girl was sure to love.

Credits – Tempo di Festa

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Moroccan Teen Birthday Party

This Gold Moroccan Birthday party was nothing short of exquisite, with gorgeous golden details everywhere you looked. The fantastic dessert table was perfectly styled by Partylicious, creating a wonder that was beautiful to look at and quite appetizing.

The invitations for the party were a sweet bright colors and detailing that stood out marvelously, ensuring that guests wouldn’t want to miss any fun.


The backdrop for the sweets table was magnificent, a bold arrangement of fuchsia and red fabric created an elegant feeling and with strands of golden circles hung, this backdrop really set the stage for the beauty that this table was.

Each food item was nicely labelled so visitors would know what they were trying. They were beautifully created with imaging that matched the invitations, as well as being bordered in cute pink glitter paint that added dramatic flair.

Various forms of ornate jars were used to hold lots of goodies from vibrantly colored rock candy to delicious almond kisses that were wrapped in gold, adding to the rich decor of the event.

Artwork was framed in gold and jeweled to bring the table an accent that stood out dramatically. A beautiful journal was also laid out for an additional fun touch. For a soft lighting option that added to the Moroccan effect, four little candle holders were placed on the table, blending with the theme colors wonderfully.

The table itself was covered in a pink cover that was literally overflowing with golden circles, making the table appear to be covered in golden coins.

The cake was a true wonder with vibrant colors and details that made it one-of-a-kind. Set not only on a beautiful cake tray, the tray was placed on a wrapped box, making it stand out as a centerpiece to remember. The cake itself was two layers of elegance topped with marvelous purple flowers. Edible chains with golden ‘coins’ circled the top layer for a beautiful look.

Credits –

Stationary and styling: Partylicious

French macarons: Merari Tossas

Cake: Jovanna Valentín

Chevron bags and gold garland: Mailbox Happiness

 gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-activities gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-almond-kisses-gold-wraps gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-cake gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-cake-gold gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-decorations-candles gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-enjoy-a-sweet-treat-sign gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-french-macarons gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-french-macarons-close-up gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-ideas-dessert-table-gold-garlands gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-ideas-dessert-table-gold-tablecover gold-moroccan-teen-birthday-party-rock-candy-sticks