Winter Wonderland In New England Party


No time to hibernate when you can throw a glamorous Winter Wonderland In New England Party like this one! With One Fine Day’s styling, the gorgeous elements at this shoot could make a memorable occasion for many.

This gathering took place on a beautiful private property in Connecticut in January, taking advantage of the lovely snowy landscape.  All of the details laid out at this shoot were chosen to help encourage others to throw a wonderful winter land party with their own family and friends.

Elements used were ones that are simple to find around your house or yard, making it possible to create a similar atmosphere at your own party. This is a theme where DIY can give you an edge, for example, using a door as a table set on tree stumps.  This look offers a rustic charm that any outdoorsman can love. To give the tables a unique centerpiece, wine bottles can be utilized to hold white taper candles.  Tin plates offer a neat look along with brightly colored napkins tied in twine.

Any outdoor winter party can use a snuggle up bench with large blankets and an adorable wooden sign. Of course, to make it a truly classic get together, hot chocolate is a must-have.  In mason jar mugs, hot chocolate is easy to hold and adorable to look at. For a venue with a lake of frozen beauty, a ladder can make a cute ice skate holder.

Baskets to hold goodies offer a neat way to get your food, and of course winter favorites are sure to keep the guests coming up for seconds.  Caramel apples, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and subs are all easy foods to prep and taste delicious! A sprig of greenery on white frosting along with a fresh fruit topping can make a cake a perfect celebratory treat too!

Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Apples Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Campfire Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Candle-Decor Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Guest-Table Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Skating Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Snuggle-Bench Winter-Wonderland-In-New-England-Party-Subs

Credits -

Photographer: Lynne Graves Photography

Stylist & Event Planner: One Fine Day

Caterer: Blonde on the Run

Assistant Stylist: Bonnie Aunchman

Men’s Wardrobe: Jackson & Connor

Event Rentals: General Eclectic Rental

Custom Decor Items & Rentals: Lady Slipper Affairs & Events


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Birthday Party

With a mom that adores Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it only stands to reason that her little ones first birthday party should reflect the elegance and sophistication of that iconic movie.  With help from the fantastic Cyntia of Party to be Festas, the party was certain to be a success.

From top to bottom this perfect venue was wonderfully decorated to create a stunning visual effect.  The room used for the party was actually open to the outdoors, allowing natural lighting to brighten the room substantially.

breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party take home favors

The dessert table was absolutely surreal with wonderful details that were sure to be noticed by all.  The table used had two fantastic ornate legs that gave an elegant appearance.  The table was white and wrapped in a soft teal ribbon, really embracing the Tiffany theme perfectly.  On each side of this table towers of gift boxes introduced the party theme with flair.  Three shrubs in pails stood in front, filling the area with a lovely natural touch. For a creative and wonderful addition, white lamp posts were even used to enhance the look of the table.

As a backdrop, french doors were used to accent the table with sheer curtains and adorable teal ribbons.  The window was framed with cute heart cut-outs.

Treats were innovatively created with frosting and decor that matched the theme very nicely.  Cupcakes were perfectly frosted in teal with cute little pearl like drops on them.  Each was placed in a cup, making it easy for guests to take without making a mess. Other treats included little donuts and chocolates, so everyone would be able to find a tasty option to hit that sweet spot.

The cake made for the party was fantastic, two layers of pure decadence frosted to look like it came straight out of the Tiffany movie. It was even set on a teal cake tray for a gorgeous effect.

audrey hepburn sun glasses mirror pearls breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party backdrops and tiffany blue boxes white ribbon breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party cupcake toppers breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party cupcakes decorations pearl necklace breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party desserts cakepops cake breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party entrance breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party florals breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party sign breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party table scape breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party take home favors breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party tiffany blue boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party tiffany blue favor boxes breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party toppers breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party treats breakfast-at-tiffanys-birthday-party white flower tiara

Credits – Party to be Festas

Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party

This gorgeous Coco Chanel Inspired Birthday party was a fantastic blend of fabulous and classy, just what Blown Away Events & Services was going for when creating it.

From top to bottom, the venue used for this party was a perfect setting for a sophisticated venture.  Gold tones along with black and white colors created an elegance that covered the whole room brilliantly.

Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party ideas

A wonderful display was arranged with precision for the goodies to rest on.  This table was set in front of a window that had a layering of elegant curtains that enhanced the look of the decor to perfection.  A massive framed display of artwork made a great centerpiece and backdrop for this table, with a personalized Coco Chanel sign showcasing the birthday girl’s name.  To accent the framed art, on each side of the sign large candlesticks topped with golden candle covers stood tall, adding a dramatic look to the entire table.

The table itself was boldly decorated in black with a fun black and white chevron runner that went down the very center of the table in unique fashion.  Golden trays held tasty snacks like sugar cookies and cake pops that were all decorated in black and white with the fun Coco Chanel logo on them.  The middle of the table showed off a perfectly created Coco Chanel cupcake and a deliciously decorated purse that made a stunning addition to this party table. This was set on a tall cake tray, making it stand out even more brilliantly.  Adorable little water bottles stood on each side with personalized labels for the guests to enjoy.

With a perfect arrangement of personalized decorations and a sophisticated color blend, this event was one that was sure to impress anyone who was lucky enough to attend.

Credits – Blown Away Events & Services

Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party cake pops Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party cake Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party candy Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party cookies with chanel logo Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party cookies Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party cupcakes Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party drinks Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party elegant cupcake Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party favors Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party food labels Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party menu Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party sign Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party straw toppers Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party table setting, guests Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party table setting Fabulous and Classy Coco Chanel Party wine glass toppers welcome sign for chanel party

Chanel Inspired Birthday Party

There are few themes as elegant and sophisticated as a Chanel Themed Birthday Party and this one was a prime example of the limitless options you have in creating a lovely and memorable celebration. The fantastic Dulce Cupcakery provided this outstanding event for the birthday girl to enjoy.

COCO Chanel inspired birthday party treats, pink and black stripes

One major detail that helped to create the sophisticated nature of this party was the use of long draping material as backdrops to the various snack stations. The full length of these fabrics set a soft and elegant tone to the soiree. Behind the treat table a long white one was actually draped to the side, giving a neat look. Gigantic, gorgeous artificial flowers were used in coordination with the fabric to fill out the back to perfection.  A spread of pink and white ones were used to decorate the side of the table that the fabric was not covering.  Directly in front of that table a massive chandelier hung, long crystals adding to the theme perfectly.  

The table was covered in a black, textured fabric that added a dramatic touch to the room while blending with the theme smoothly.  A giant flower that matched the backdrop was set on the ground in front ot bring the whole look together.  All of the lovely decorations and edibles were layered to make everything easy to see and grab.  With all of the different sizes, a full style was created that really drew the eye.

All sorts of fun vintage, elegant touches were used to add to the Chanel look of this party from the white ornate frames to the cake trays that were framed in white detailing.  All of the treats were designed to go with the pink, white and black colors of the the theme and looked quite tasty.  

Credits – Design – Dulce Cupcakery

beauty begins the moment you decide yourself sign COCO Chanel inspired birthday party be classy COCO Chanel inspired birthday party cake pops COCO Chanel inspired birthday party cookies COCO Chanel inspired birthday party decorations, main table COCO Chanel inspired birthday party decorations COCO Chanel inspired birthday party dessert table COCO Chanel inspired birthday party favor bags COCO Chanel inspired birthday party ideas COCO Chanel inspired birthday party main table COCO Chanel inspired birthday party parfum treats COCO Chanel inspired birthday party sign COCO Chanel inspired cupcakes

Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party

Loriann Serna of Wife Of The Party created a smashing success with this Roaring Gatsby + Derby Style birthday extravaganza. From the sophisticated gold, black and white colors to the beautifully arranged details, this party was sure to impress all of the guests.

Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party

The venue for the party was a fantastic size for a large group and with round tables filling it up, each decorated to blend with the Gatsby to perfection, guests were certain to be comfortable as they ate. A fantastic red rug set the stage for all of the neat decor that was incorporated throughout the room.

Each of the guest tables had a white cloth that created a sweet base for the vibrant flowers and golden vases that made up the centerpieces. With massive fluffy feathers and long strings of crystals dangling down, these centerpieces were unique and sure to draw attention without blocking the view from across the table. The chairs used for the party were fantastic in black and white. Each place setting had an elegant personal menu for the visitors so they would know before going up what types of delicacies would be offered.

Rather than the traditional table set-up for desserts, a section was set aside with a fabulous backdrop that several vintage style tables were placed in front of to hold the tasty snacks. This arrangement allowed for a layered, yet organized way to distribute the treats to the guests, while embracing the theme smoothly. Feathers were used to give a full effect to the decor along with cute arrangements of flowers, suitcases and more.

The cake was a show-stopper oozing sophistication and deliciousness from top to bottom. It had all of the theme colors spread throughout in perfect patterns and was even topped with fun feathers for a neat look.

Full list of Credits & Vendors below the images*

Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party Activity and games - croquet Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party bar Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party cake - 1920s art deco style Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party candy and sweets Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party centerpiece - art deco style Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party cookies in art deco style party Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party dressed up in art deco style Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party guest seating Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party parfait Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party party favors, pony Derby & Roaring Gatsby Birthday Party treats with mustache topper Derby Birthday Party Derby Gatsby Birthday Party decorations the great gatsby party treats in gold and bow

Credits -

– Venue: SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

– Stylist: Wife Of The Party

– Photographer: EDLT Photo

– DJ/AV: DJ Herick, Happen

– Photobooth: The Happen Booth

– Sugar Cookies: Auntie Apple

– Cake Pops: Melanie Rose Baking

– Vintage Rentals: Thrifted Sister Events

– Cake and mini cakes: Leelin Bakery & Cake

– Custom backdrop design and printing: Little AVI

– Balloons and fans: Shop Sweet Lulu

– Pearls, hats, pony tattoos: Amazon

– Ponies on a stick: Downtown LA Toy District

– Performance: Jasmine Villegas

– 1920′s dancer: Delilah DeMilo

– Horse picks: EllaJaneCrafts