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Throwing a birthday party for twins can be challenging, as you want to celebrate the joys of being twins, but you still want to maintain an individuality that makes each twin feel special. But it can be done! You can throw the perfect party that your twins and your guests will enjoy and talk about for years to come, all while celebrating each twin’s individual personality. After you’ve sent out adorable invitations to get your guests excited about the event, get ready to put together a truly memorable party.

Twins Party Invitations


Double Disney Mickey Minnie Printable Birthday Party Invitation Twins Brother Sister Boy Girl Cousin Best Friend Dr. Seuss  Thing One Thing Two Twins Birthday Invitation Mickey Minnie Twins Birthday Invitation, Twins Siblings Clubhouse Mickey Minnie Invitations Modern Chevron - Aqua, Red & Brown - Sibling or Friend Birthday Party Invitation

Twins Party Decorations

The options for party decorations is limitless, but keep in mind to balance the “twin” décor with “individual twin” décor. You’ll want to merge the joyfulness of being twins with who the person each twin is, so be sure to incorporate favorite colors and styles of each twin. Within your decorations, it’s fun to do everything in pairs, such as balloon clusters, centerpieces, table décor, and of course—the birthday cakes!

Patterns that are great for boys, girls, and all personal tastes alike are chevron, stripes, and polka dots. Themes like western, Dr Seuss Thing 1 Thing 2, Disney, or beach are wonderful themes that cover all basis of gender and personality as well. Use a big backdrop of bright colored chevron, like turquoise or coral, with gigantic birthday wishes for each twin behind the main event table. Ribbon garland in equally bright colors cascading across the venue space and framed with tons of double clusters of polka dot balloons give a festive flair to the event.


Drape the tablecloths in the two favorite colors of your twins and string up old photos of the twins in clothespins along clotheslines. Have two separate tables for each twin’s birthday gifts to be placed on, and set up two photo booths with tons of fun props for the guests to snap memorable pictures. You can even provide some old timey polaroid cameras or a nearby wireless printer for the guests to print off their photo booth pictures and hang up on clotheslines or pin up on boards across the party venue and this allows your guests to directly help with the decorations! It also gives you a complete photo album of the party ready to be put in a book!

For guest tables, Centerpieces of two mason jars filled with tulips and daisies are simple yet beautiful, and little table games like mad libs are really enjoyable for guests.

Dr. Seuss- Thing 1 & Thing 2 - Fabric Pennant Bunting Banner - great for birthday party decor,

Two-Peas-In-A-Pod-16-Baby-Shower-Party-PackTwins Party Food

Food for a twin’s birthday party can be full of imagination, so put on your creative hat. Having two birthday cakes is a fantastic idea, and each of these can be as small or as big as you like. Single tiered or sheet cakes are wonderful, as they look amazing and taste great, too. Cake pops in the shape of pies, blocks of rice crispy treats smothered in chocolate, and giant sized gummy bears are all unique and one of a kind treats—much like being a twin! Of course, you can’t have a dessert table without iconic “twin” treats like banana twin mini cakes.

You can even have a station set up in which your guests have all the fixings to make their very own banana splits! Pudding cups with two flavors, double fudge cupcakes, and miniature sugar cookies in fun shapes that keep in whatever the party theme is are delicious. Of course, you can’t forget to fill the main table with plenty of candies, so present everything from m&m’s to skittles to gumdrops in glass apothecary jars and colorful bowls.

For salty and savory food that fills the tummy and balances out all the rich treats, finger foods are always your best bet. Miniature pizza rolls, triangle peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and turkey pinwheels are easy to grab up and go, while cheese and meat plates, veggie platters, and different dips like French onion, ranch, cheese, and buffalo are all perfect snacks for guests to fill up on.

Beverages for guests can consist of just about anything, but two-ingredient drinks keep in line with the “twin” celebration, so it might be a fun idea to set up a drink station in which guests can choose from unique two-ingredient drinks. Hot chocolate with whipped cream, lemonade with tea, or Shirley Temples. Serve in old fashioned glass milk bottles with striped straws.

Twins Party Favors

Party favors for a twin’s birthday party can also be silly in the sense that you can give them in twos. This is particularly wonderful because this allows you to give your guests sets of favors, such as mug sets, candle holder sets, soap sets, or even double frame sets for photos. This not only keeps in theme with the party for twins, but it also is something that guests will have forever and it will specifically remind them of the awesome event itself years to come. Once you decide on the perfect party gift favors, wrap them up in fun boxes with cute designs, or tie them up in a personalized canvas tote that the guests can actually use.

Twins Party Games

Games and activities for a twin’s party are exhilaratingly fun, as there can be a lot of interaction. If you have an outdoor space, set up two pinatas for guests to compete on teams to break it, or you can organize field day type games in which two contestants are constantly competing. Sack races, ankle races in which you tie two members together at the ankles to race the other team, scavenger hunts, and yard puzzle games are all really great to bring everyone together.

Twins Party Photobooth