Safari Party Inspirations

Safari Party Inspiration Collection:


Golden Safari Party | Credit: BLOOM DESIGNS 



Dinosaur Safari Birthday | Credit: CHRISTINE A



Mickey Safari | Credit: M&J KREATIONS



Monkey Safari |Credit: DECO PETIT DREAMS



Safari Adventure | Credit: FAVORS AND MEMORIES



Safari Birthday Party | Credit: SABRINA SAYAGO



Safari Party | Credit: ATELIER SWEET JOY



Safari Party | Credit: TRACY ANN K



Safari Road Trip Birthday Party | Credit: BELIEVENTS



The Lion King Birthday Party | Credit: ATELIER SWEET JOY


Airplane Party Inspirations

Airplane Party Inspiration Collection:


Airplane Birthday Party | Credit: PAPER AND CAKE



Airplane Birthday Party |Credit: FANTABULOSITY J



Airplane Party |Credit: FIESTAS EN PAPEL



Airplane Birthday Party | Credit: ELLA AND ANNIE MAGAZINE



Airplane Party | Credit: DIMPLE PRINTS CARLI E



An Airplane Birthday Party | Credit: THESELITTLELOVES.COM



Aviator Airplane Birthday Party | Credit: PROJECT PEANUT




Disney Planes Birthday Party | Credit: DECO PETIT DREAMS



Vintage Airplane Birthday Party Took Flight! | Credit: CROWNINGDETAILS

Moana Tropical Birthday Party

Moana Tropical Birthday Party

When this special little girl decided that she wanted a Moana Tropical Birthday Party theme, Viki of Wonder Party was excited to bring her vision to life. The vast array of tropical tones and fantastic decorations from the hit movie Moana, this themed birthday celebration was one to remember!

With a focus on the gorgeous sailing in the movie, the venue for this party was beautifully created with a wondeful photo booth for everyone to dress up as their favorite characters and take photos to remember the event by.  This section featured and adorable diy’d sailboat and a customized birthday sign in a lovely teal and white blend of colors.  With some shells scattered around the front, this photobooth was a beach-like photo adventure. The dress up decorations included paddles, tiki torches and even lays.

The snacking table was decorated to look like an adorable hula skirt around the front and had all sorts of cute tropical details.  A palm tree was made from paper leaves and ballons and it arched smoothly over the table.  Using a white cloth as the backdrop, the customized sign hanging in the center stood out vibrantly.

Across the front of this table giant palm leaves with cute paper flowers in the center gave the tropical vibe beautifully.  The snacks were all designed with Moana in mind.  Healthy options were provided in the form of natural fruits and veggies and sweets were decorated with cute decorations like mini crescent sandwiches with little crab eyes!  The birthday girl even helped out with the delightful cake that stood in the center of this dessert table.  It was layered in multiple pastel colors and topped with seashells.  The cake was placed on a tall, white tray that was on a pretty teal crate.  For beverages, lemonade was the drink of choice.

Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Cake Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Cake-Shell Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Cake-Stand Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Candies Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Coconut-Character Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Coconuts Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Cookies Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Crab-Eyes Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Crescent-Crabs Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Crescent-Sandwiches Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Custom-Labels Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Custom-Sign Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Desserts Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Dessert-Table Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Eyes Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Food Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Guest-Table Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Hula-Table Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Lemonade Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Macarons Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Mason-Cups Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Name-Tags Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Paper-Pineapple Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Photo-Booth Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Photo-Decor Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Place-Setting Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Plants Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Rainbow-Cake Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Rock-Necklace Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Snacks Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Snack-Station Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Snack-Table Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Thank-You-Gifts Moana-Tropical-Birthday-Party-Treat-Table


Planning/design – Wonder Party – BlogIG




Tropical Summer Beach Party

Tropical Summer Beach Party (1)


Partylicious went all out with this phenomenal Tropical Summer Beach Party Birthday extravaganza! From beginning to end, this lovely themed celebration was exceptionally detailed, ensuring that the VIP of the day would know just how special they were.

Using the beach as a venue, this party had an abundance of natural details along with a fantastic backdrop for photos. Leading the way to where the party area was, fun customized signs with tropical graphics were strategically placed to be easy to see. To welcome the guests into the main party area, a large welcome sign hung with a cute customized message.

The dessert table was a stunninng display of vibrant colors and cute tropical desserts that the visitors were sure to love. A wonderful backdrop was created with boards that gave a tiki vibe.  Happy Birthday Agitha was spelled out across the board and was accented with lays, surfboards, palm trees and other cute graphics. The front of this table was decorated with hula style material in bright green and red tones.

All of the desserts were intricately designed to blend with the theme while looking absolutely scrumptious.  Cupcakes had blue frosting to represent the beach, some with brown sugar for sand and each topped with a cute tropical detail like flowers, shells and pineapples. They stood tall on a pretty golden cake tray.  Sugar cookies were frosted in surflike decor and set on flat trays with brown sugar to create the beach look too. Personalized chocolates were wrapped with custom wraps to give a sweet touch. There were even surfboard brownies to try out!

The cake was a work of art in two massive layers of delicious wonder.  The bottom layer was covered in blue, the top in soft tan tones to make it look just like the beach.  It was covered in tropical decor from surfboards to palm trees.

Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Arrow-Sign Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Birthday-Cake Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Blue-Cupcakes Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Cake Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Cake-Topper Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Centerpiece Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Chalk-Art Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Chalkboard-Sign Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Chocolate-Candy-Bars Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Coconut-Cupcakes Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Cookie-And-Custard Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Cupcakes Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Custom-Chocolates Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Customized-Sign Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Desserts Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Desserts-Decor Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Dessert-Table Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Floral-Cupcakes Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Layered-Cake Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Photobooth-Sign Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Photo-Decor Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Pineapple Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Raspberry-Candies Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Sand-Sugar-Cookies Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Snacks Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Snack-Station Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Sugar-Cookies Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Surfboard-Brownies Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Surfboard-Cupcakes Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Treats Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Treat-Table Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Umbrella-Treats Tropical-Summer-Beach-Party-Welcome-Sign


Event concept, design and styling – Partylicious Srilanka/Sanuja Vitanachy
Cake and Candy – Melshika Weerasinghe




Hello Kitty Party Inspirations

Hello Kitty Party Inspiration Collection:


Hello Kitty Party | Credit: MAHALIA G

Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Birthday Party | Credit: SILVIYA SCHIMENTI


Hello Kitty in Paris 1st Birthday | Credit: DENISE D


Hello Kitty inspired 4th Birthday party | Credit: SUNNY BY DESIGN


Hello Kitty Paint Splatter Party! | Credit: JENNIE H


Hello Kitty Party | Credit: 3 WITTLE BIRDS

Hello Kitty Slumber Party

Hello Kitty Slumber Party  | Credit: ERIKA A


Hello Kitty Birthday Party | Credit:  DOLCEZZA EVENTOS